White Collar Crimes


Skillful Phoenix attorney fights allegations of fraud and financial misconduct

Though white collar crimes don’t involve allegations of violence, the sentences are often harsh and can include extended prison time. To protect yourself against allegations of fraud, bribery or other types of monetary misconduct, it is best to have an attorney with a successful track record in these intricate matters. At David Eisenberg, PLC in Phoenix, I focus much of my practice on the representation of Arizona defendants charged with committing nonviolent, financially motivated crimes. In more than 40 years of legal practice, I have handled these cases as a federal prosecutor and a vigorous defense advocate. My professional background in this field includes an appointment as Associate Independent Counsel for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as an adjunct professor of law at Arizona State University, teaching trial practice and white collar crime.

Assertive advocate challenges fraud, tax evasion and securities charges

After a series of nationally publicized corporate scandals, district attorneys are prosecuting white collar offenses more aggressively than ever. These charges, often associated with the corporate and financial sectors, typically involve a complex web of legal and evidentiary considerations. In a free initial consultation, I can outline potential defenses for accusations of:

  • Fraud — Charges of misrepresentation usually hinge on the subjective interpretation of words or actions. My firm conducts a thorough investigation of the circumstances that give rise to fraud claims. To obtain a conviction, the government must prove that a false statement, reasonable reliance, and damages exist. Using my background as a prosecutor and defense attorney, I can detect and exploit flaws in the case against you.
  • Embezzlement — The misappropriation of funds from one’s business or nonprofit entity is a serious crime. Rapid online financial transactions increase the potential for embezzlement but also the likelihood of mistakes that might trigger unjust allegations. My firm understands the personal and professional harm associated with these charges and forcefully combats unwarranted claims.
  • Tax evasion — If you have been accused of unlawfully avoiding taxes by the Internal Revenue Service or the Arizona Department of Revenue, I can marshal the necessary information to counter their decision.
  • Securities litigation — Heavy media attention on securities prosecutions has led to numerous allegations of insider trading, overselling (“churning”) and the artificial inflation of stock prices (“pump and dump schemes”). Many of the complaints in these cases are the result of natural market forces rather than misconduct. I have the ability to conduct thorough investigations of these claims to identify the true facts and overcome biases against defendants.

    Regardless of your case’s complexity or public attention directed toward your matter, I have the ability and resources to defend your rights tenaciously. My firm works closely with each client to provide personalized counsel in pursuit of the best possible outcome whether that is a dismissal, acquittal or favorable plea agreement.

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