Sex Crimes


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Criminal charges that involve alleged sexual misconduct present challenges that don’t exist in other types of cases. These cases demand an attorney who can overcome prejudices and deliver a comprehensive defense in a tense atmosphere. At David Eisenberg, PLC in Phoenix, I am a former federal prosecutor who has more than 40 years of experience. I advocate for clients in cases alleging sexual offenses arising from online behavior and physical actions. Whatever the specific circumstances are in your case, I will aggressively pursue a fair result for you in court or through negotiations with the prosecutor.

Attorney litigates cases involving alleged assault and online misconduct

When you’ve been accused of a sex crime, even a full acquittal can cause devastating damage to your personal and professional reputation. My firm provides a free initial consultation so that you can obtain effective legal assistance immediately for charges such as:

  • Possession of child pornography — Seizures of materials that allegedly depict children in sexual situations are often based on questionable conduct by authorities and informants. My firm challenges evidence that was improperly collected and tenaciously defends clients when nonsexual materials are mischaracterized.
  • Internet sex crimes — Online behavior and communication can be extremely difficult to interpret. In many cases, law enforcement frequently acts without an actual understanding of what is occurring. This can trigger a serious injustice when an innocent remark is perceived as unlawful sexual conduct or an invitation to engage in illegal activity.
  • Child molestation — Litigation involving the alleged sexual assault of children is emotionally charged, requiring skillful counsel from an experienced criminal defender. I stand up for my clients while working to get at the truth in an incisive, sensitive manner.
  • Sexual assault — If someone claims that you sexually assaulted them, the criminal case might depend on questions of consent or communications between the parties. For more than four decades, I have achieved successful results by finding and revealing evidence that other attorneys miss.

    Any sexual offense charge might seem like a problem that you cannot overcome, but as an attorney who understands the criminal justice system from both sides, I know how to assert effective defenses in these delicate matters.

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