Drug Crimes


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Drug crimes affect every part of the country, but Arizona’s proximity to California and Mexico frequently triggers federal prosecutions involving alleged interstate or international distribution. At David Eisenberg, PLC in Phoenix, I deliver exceptional legal representation and service to clients who are charged with the possession, sale or manufacture of controlled substances. Unlike many criminal defense attorneys, I have a detailed understanding of the federal court system from my work as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and on behalf of accused defendants. Whether your case is a federal or state matter, I will aggressively preserve your fundamental rights and press for a fair outcome.

Experienced attorney provides comprehensive advocacy in drug cases

Each client receives the high-quality advocacy associated with large firms combined with the personal attention only available in small offices. During a free initial consultation, I can advise you regarding issues such as:

  • Distribution — Convictions for the sale or trafficking of drugs are not limited to the types of kingpins we see portrayed in the media. Even sending a few prescription pharmaceuticals to a friend could cause serious problems. In federal and state cases involving narcotics or other dangerous drugs, I work to expose unlawful police practices and draw a distinction when the substances are meant for personal use.
  • Manufacture — The threat presented by methamphetamines and similar drugs, including synthetic and analogue controlled substances, has led to strict federal and state laws regarding the manufacture of controlled substances. In an attempt to limit illegal activity, authorities frequently overreach and offer normal household items, such as scales, as evidence that drugs are being created or refined for sale. If you are being accused of this type of misconduct, I will take on unwarranted claims to help obtain a dismissal or reduction in charges.
  • Possession — Unlike Colorado and some other states, Arizona penalizes marijuana possession. Even a small amount of pot can trigger felony charges and a minimum sentence of four months in jail, a potentially greater punishment than that for misdemeanor counts associated with the possession of some other dangerous substances. My firm fights these allegations and the unlawful tactics often used during arrests.Choosing the right attorney to fight drug charges can mean the difference between a positive result and a long sentence that causes severe hardship to you and your family members. I understand both the letter of the law and the practical considerations that sway prosecutors and jurors.

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